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Achieve through enjoyment and excellence

“Have love for one another, a tender heart and a humble mind” (1 Peter 3:8)

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Frequently Asked questions

We are pleased to welcome you to Wymondham Church of England Primary School. We are extremely proud of our school and value the partnership we share with our families and the local community. The blend of traditional values and forward-thinking strategies makes our school a lively, vibrant, and innovative learning community.

These Frequently Asked Questions will give you an overview of the information our new parents in particular will want to know, although further details about many of the areas covered will be found elsewhere on our website.

We look forward to meeting you on many future occasions and welcome your interest, help and support.

The voice of our children may also answer some of your questions


‘’The teachers are awesome and they will give you full support in everything you do as well as the many recourses that they give you.’’ Louie


‘’I think the lessons are really fun and the teachers are great and funny. All the students are really kind, supportive and great friends. There is a lot of space to work and play inside and out. This is my last year and I am proud to say I came to this school, it has been a great experience and I have made so many joyful memories. I won’t forget this place. ’’ Amie-May


‘’All of the teachers are really funny, friendly and supportive and work extremely hard to make every single lesson as fun as it can possibly be. My favourite lessons are Art, English, PSHE and Environmental work. When I joined for year 6, I was really nervous but then everyone welcomed me and I made loads of friends. I will really miss everyone here when I leave for high school. They’ve done absolutely amazing this year and I’m really happy and proud to have such brilliant teachers and friends.’’ Amy 


“I like being in class 2 because the teachers are really kind, funny, supportive and have helped me learn lots. The work is challenging and fun at the same time.” Elliot


‘’I like to do the maths, English and playing with my friends and having food.’’ Fletcher


‘’I like that the teachers always challenge me in maths and English.’’ Oliver 


“I like being here because we do lots of good writing and we do fun things with space.” Lucas


 ‘’This school can only be described with three words: supportive, incredible and friendly.’’ Louie


‘’I love playing with my friends and the teachers are nice and I love them teaching me they are fun and kind my favourite subject is English I mostly love doing that its SOOO fun.‘’ Leo